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Customized coaching for small groups of 3 - 4 learners promotes rapid improvement in communication skills.

After assessing learners’ current level of oral and/or written communication skills, we set learning objectives for the small group and develop a customized course of instruction.  Course instruction can focus on improving written or oral communication skills (or both within the same course).

Individual coaching ensures a heightened focus on a learner’s specific communication challenges.

With one-on-one coaching, a learner receives tailored instruction that specifically targets his or her problematic areas of oral and written communication.  Setting learning objectives begins with an assessment of an individual’s current communication level that uses a variety of tools such as interviews, writing samples, grammar tests and input from supervisors.

Once a customized instruction program is in place, the BBE Group coach continually monitors the individual’s progress against his or her learning objectives.  Constant monitoring allows the coach to make adjustments to the instruction program to maximize learning.


Virtual small-group or individual coaching via the Internet is an effective tool for improving the communication skills of remote employees.

Using Adobe Connect software and webcams, the BBE Group coach and learner(s) experience the same interactivity as in on-site coaching sessions.  

    •    Writing samples can be uploaded and reviewed virtually.
    •    Webcams facilitate the ability to work on oral communication skills.
    •    A virtual whiteboard serves as an interactive instructional tool.
Virtual coaching is also a particularly effective alternative for on-site employees who need greater flexibility when scheduling coaching sessions.


business communication


Customized business communication workshops provide an opportunity for employees to update or refresh their oral and written communication skills.

Our business communication workshops include:

•    Effective Business Writing -- Participants hone their ability to identify their audience, organize their ideas
     for clarity, concision, and tone, and edit for professional presentation.
•    Effective Oral Presentations -- Participants develop their presentation skills by building confidence
     in speaking, using body language and facial expressions effectively, and handling Q&A presentations.

     Additionally, these workshops may include preparing and presenting PowerPoint presentations.
•    American Business Culture -- International employees working in the U.S. become more fluent in business

     etiquette, small talk including American idioms, and American business customs.

 Better Business English

   Advancing communication skills to advance your business