Small-Group Coaching


Individual coaching ensures a heightened focus on a learner's specific communication challenges.

Customized business communication workshops provide an opportunity for employees to update or refresh their communication skills.

Virtual small-group or individual coaching via the Internet is an effective tool for improving the communication skills of remote employees.

Customized coaching for small groups of 3 - 4 learners promotes rapid improvement in communication skills.


We've been in the business world for over 20 years AND have taught professionals and MBA students for another 10.

We have a unique combination of business experience,  university-level teaching in MBA and MS programs, and advanced degrees (we both have an MBA and an applied linguistics degree--TESOL).

How We can address your needs

  • Small-group coaching
  • Business communication 
  • Business writing brush-up
  • Business grammar
  • Virtual coaching
  • Custom-designed programs
  • Assessments for employee



 Better Business English

   Advancing communication skills to advance your business